Travel in Lanes vs. Circles with Denetra Hampton

Today we are joined by our special guest, Denetra Hampton. Denetra has built a production empire that includes a diversity and nursing science media initiative, a digital magazine and an education center. Denetra’s work is focused on the development of future nurse scientists through a lens of diversity and scientific storytelling.

She is a 22-year Navy Veteran, and a former United States Naval Nurse Corps Officer. Her professional background consists of a Bachelors of Science in Nursing, and a Masters in Health Services Administration.

She has experience in Medical-Surgical, Orthopedics, Post-Anesthesia, Critical Care, Ambulatory Surgical, Clinic Management, Patient Safety, Quality Improvement, Emergency Management, Medicare-Medicaid, The Joint Commission Regulations, and Education.

An innovator, Denetra has committed her work to the development of a forward-thinking, diverse and business-minded nurse leader. Having studied diversity abroad, Denetra attended a mission trip to Chile and Argentina that allowed her to participate in group think tanks with diverse nursing and medical executives as well as speak on panels to nursing students at the Universidad Finis Terrae and Hospital San Jose, in Santiago Chile.

A producer of film, Denetra just released her first mini-documentary The Black Angels: A Nurses Story of African-American nurses who risked their lives to care for patients with tuberculosis at Seaview Hospital. A community education, speaker and thought leader, Denetra is committed to bringing the profession of nursing to life.


Episode Highlights

We start by discussing Denetra’s background as a military naval nurse and go on to discuss:

  • Advocating for nurse researchers and scientists
  • The creation of The Black Angels documentary
  • How to grow your skills as a leader
  • Developing her production company
  • A unique take on the community to build for your advancement


Key Points

1. Push yourself to growth. Get out of your circle and into your lane.

2. Recognize how far you’ve come and how you always figure it out.




“If you pay attention to everything that comes your way, you can fall into your destiny.”

—Denetra Hampton



“Often times we wait for someone to tell us we are leaders, and that in itself stops us from exploring different avenues.”

—Denetra Hampton



“Get in the mode of travelling in lanes, not circles, because lanes propel you forward. You’ll move faster and further.”

—Denetra Hampton



“Let something choose you and once it chooses you, make the most impact.”

—Denetra Hampton


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