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We are thrilled to have you as a founding member of the International Network of Nurse Leaders community.

As a founding member, you are a pioneer in a new type of nursing community. Our mission is to help create the next generation of nurse leaders that are going to create an impact in the world and we couldn’t be more excited to have you as part of that movement.

Whether you are here to:

  • Provide mentorship + guidance to the next generation of nurse leaders,
  • Get tangible advice and build your leadership & management skills,
  • Get support + guidance with the next step in your leadership journey,
  • Create a movement of change or bring awareness to social causes, or
  • Champion and support your nursing peers with their causes and ideas they are trying to get out into the world…

… we welcome each one of you with open arms and recognize the unique value each one of you brings to the community, because we are, stronger together.

What’s Next:

  1. You should be receiving an email shortly with next steps and instructions for getting the most out of the community. If you haven’t received an email from us within 12-24 hours, please email:
  2. In the meantime, join the INNL Facebook group.Make sure you introduce yourself to the group. We know this step can be intimidating to some, so feel free to copy and paste the template below (you can answer as many as you feel comfortable sharing)


    Hi Nurses! I’m [Your Name]

    • What’s your current role in nursing?
    • How are you feeling about being a part of the group?

    I’m a part of this community because (I want to mentor others / share my ideas / get advice for becoming more of a leaders / champion others in their journeys and join or support causes I feel passionately about)

    We’ll get along just fine if you: (who do you connect best with, what type of people light you up?)

    I’m known for (some fun facts about you, what do your friends say about you?)

    I’m most looking forward to (what do you hope to get out of the community?)

    Again, welcome. We cannot wait to see where this journey takes us together.

    — Amy Deagle, CEO

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    Nurses need to update their algorithms to become the knowledge workers of the future. #nursing #nursingeducation #technology #healthcare

    "It's a great metaphor for the year," Coelho, a nurse in South Shore Hospital's intensive care unit, told the Herald.

    This week I'm looking back at one of my favourite interviews with Joanne Petersen. This is a two-parter, so if you like what you hear, pick up the second to continue the conversation.

    "It's our story, it's the patient's story. This is us, this is our collective efforts at work and in life and in art... it speaks of courage, speaks of hope."

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    Follow our network on social media and find your voice with The International Network of Nurse Leaders by your side:

    Get Connected

    Follow our network on social media and find your voice with The International Network of Nurse Leaders by your side: