The Value of Autonomous Practice with Michael Sandler

The Value of Autonomous Practice with Michael Sandler

The Value of Autonomous Practice with Michael Sandler

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Today on the podcast we’re joined by Michael Sandler, the current Executive Director for the Association of Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of BC (NNPBC), the first nursing professional association in Canada to represent all four of B.C.’s nursing designations (Licensed Practical Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse and Registered Psychiatric Nurse). NNPBC serves as the voice for professional practice, advocacy and leadership in nursing for all B.C. nurses.

Michael moved from the Lower Mainland to the B.C. Interior in 2012 to take on a role with the High Acuity Response Team (HART) which was recognized as a “Promising Practice” by the Health Council of Canada using the Health Innovation Portal Evaluation Framework. His time away from his roots practicing in a large well-resourced urban centres in the Lower Mainland has provided the context with which he approaches solutions to our current health care challenges that focus on leveraging nursing to meet the current gaps in service delivery.
Michael was a recipient of the CNA’s, “150 Nurses for Canada”, peer-nominated award that recognized Canada’s most influential nurse leaders for his leadership and willingness to advocate for change. Michael is a passionate, strong, nurse leader with an interest in promoting rural and remote nursing, addressing and/or expanding scope of practice for all B.C. nurses and improving the care received by patients throughout the province by leveraging the central position of nursing in Canada’s current health care delivery model.

Michael is known to continuously exhibit transformational leadership skills, which, complemented by his experience in operational leadership, change management in complex environments, program development, regional and provincial policy development, political advocacy and strong strategic communication skills, allows him to navigate our current healthcare landscape for the benefit of all nurses in B.C.


Episode Highlights


We start by talking about how Michael never intended to be a nurse and go on to discuss:

  • Creating a common vision across associations
  • Managing the itchy-scratchy places
  • Navigating the “nurses eat their young” culture
  • General vs. specialized training for NPs
  • Leadership programs for early career nurses


Key 3 Points

  1. Get out of peoples’ way to help them do their jobs.
  2. Develop relationships with potential mentors and make an ask.
  3. Take a reset moment. Maintain an open mind for opportunities. Be kind and humble.


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