Public Trust is Our Superpower with Mike Villeneuve

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Today on the podcast we are honoured to be joined by Mike Villeneuve, RN MSc, the Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Nurses Association.

With four decades of progressive experience, Mike has participated in health care delivery as a nursing attendant, staff RN, nurse-in-charge in a remote First Nation, clinical instructor, clinical nurse specialist, manager, researcher, lecturer, consultant, author and administrator. As CEO, he leads CNA’s operations which include 139,000 members across all 13 Canadian provinces and territories and the headquarters team in Ottawa. In his role, he is leading implementation of a forward-leaning vision for professional nursing in Canada and the services needed in the future at CNA to support that transformation.


Episode Highlights

We start by talking about Mike’s early introduction to nursing through his mother and go on to discuss:

  • How the CNA advocates for the profession
  • The importance of volunteering on boards
  • Taking advantage of workshop opportunities
  • How not only doctors provide primary care
  • Policy solutions for the next generation of nurses
  • Speaking with confidence on a particular subject

Key Points

1. Just because you’re skilled in a technical role doesn’t make you a great manager.
2. Learn for yourself how governance works. Get involved and active early. Take the chance.
3. Public trust is our superpower. Don’t underestimate it.


“You can’t demand a seat in a policy circle and then just sit there keeping the seat warm. You better be ready to figure out what’s the game.”
—Mike Villeneuve


“It doesn’t take a lot to free people up to think differently.”
—Mike Villeneuve


“What I would love this year is for every nurse’s face up high with pride. Every other profession would kill to have the kind of power we have. Stop saying we don’t have power. You have been accorded a lot of power by the public when they say we trust you completely.”
—Mike Villeneuve


“Speak up even if your voice shakes.”
—Maggie Kuhn

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