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Today on the podcast we’re joined by Patrick Chiu. Patrick is an RN working in a variety of settings since he started in 2012. He started his career at the bedside and later moved into policy and professional practice roles. He graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Nursing from McMaster University in 2012, his Masters in Public Health from Simon Fraser University in 2016, and he has begun his PhD at the University of Alberta this fall. Patrick was a 2017 scholar at the International Council of Nurses, Global Nursing Policy Leadership Institute.


Patrick has had a fascinating career to date, even though he’s ‘only’ been nursing for seven years. It’s nurses like Patrick who are breaking the status quo and moving the profession forward.


Episode Highlights


We begin by talking about his experience working in acute care and go on to discuss:


  • How nursing can impact public health policy
  • Leadership as a state of being not necessarily as a title
  • The value of professional associations
  • Transformational leadership: new power vs. old power
  • Creating safer working environments for healthcare workers
  • Accurate portrayal of nurses in the media (or rather the need for it!)
  • Issues that nurses can champion for change


Key Points


Find a cause that you’re passionate about and champion it.


Take part in professional associations to learn and network.


Shareable Quotes


“I’ve only been a nurse for seven years and I haven’t been in a formal managerial position, but to me leadership is more about what you do and how you do it, and it’s not so much about a title. I wouldn’t even describe it as a career path; it’s more of a way of being. For me it’s about first and foremost how do you lead yourself, understanding what are your strengths and weeknesses and understanding how you can influence your own thoughts and behaviours to achieve a specific goal.”

—Patrick Chiu


“For so long we’ve staffed as that two feet and a heartbeat mentality. I think it comes down to looking at the person and where their best fit is. Where are their strengths and weaknesses? It would help a lot with job satisfaction as opposed to trying to fit a person into a role.” 

—Amy Deagle


“We’ve always been able to bring forward a lense of equity, of social justice. We’ve always been able to link certain public policies to the impact that it has on the community level, and we’ve always been good at supporting individuals who don’t have a voice to have a voice and empowering them to speak up. With any policy issue that we’re advocating, we need to remember to bring forward the nursing perspective.”

—Patrick Chiu


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