Stories Hold Power with Joanne Petersen (Part 2)

We are back for round two with the incredible Joanne Petersen. If you haven’t checked out Part 1 of the interview with Joanne, I highly recommend that you do so now. She shares incredible wisdom on the power of the words we use and how we talk about ourselves, which leads perfectly into today’s conversation.

Episode Highlights

Joanne rejoins us and immediately makes me by offering to interview me for this podcast, so stay tuned. We go on to discuss:

  • Nursing Now 2020 and the work Joanne individually committed to
  • Ending PJ Paralysis
  • Imposter syndrome and how it can strike anyone
  • How simple things (like getting dressed) make huge shifts in health
  • The power of stories vs. data
  • The skill set of rural nurses
  • Recognizing burnout when you feel it coming
  • The self-talk we experience (both good and bad)

Key 3 Points

1. Have the courage to tell your story
2. Personal connection adds to the value of your patient relationships.
3. Be bold. Listen to the first voice that fired you up.


Shareable Quotes

“Grow the nurses of the future.” – Joanne Petersen on NursingNow2020


“Nursing was born in the church, raised in the military, and that’s why we put our patients into uniform – pajamas.” — a take on the original Florence Nightingale quote.


“These patients are not just our patients. They’re our Grandma’s bridge partner.” —Joanne Petersen


“The data is very important, but it’s the stories that will have impact.” —Joanne Petersen


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