Challenge The Language You Use with Joanne Petersen

This week on the podcast I’m joined by the immediate Past President of the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association, Joanne Petersen. Joanne shares so much wisdom in our interview that we will be coming back in two weeks for Part 2! 

Episode Highlights

Joanne opens by telling us how her career started both in the community and the hospital that she was born in. We go on to discuss:

  • Working as a nurse on cruise ships
  • The difference between Canada and U.S. nursing
  • The start of her leadership journey with the SRNA
  • The importance of succession planning
  • Challenging the language that we use
  • Indigenous wisdom and supporting truth and reconciliation
  • And so much more…

Key 3 Points

1. As you rise, bring others up with you. There’s room for us all.
2. Be an ally to both your co-workers and your community
3. Embrace change, both for yourself and the sector.


Shareable Quotes

“When you see something in someone that maybe they don’t see in themselves, that’s a good opportunity to tap someone. And that’s actually been a huge part of my leadership journey, is that I now believe that as I climb, I should be lifting and tapping those people, and bringing them up with me.” – Joanne Petersen


“Wouldn’t the stars have all aligned if I was President [of the SRNA] when my daughter got her first nursing license. That would be the best feeling in the world.” – Joanne Petersen

“Work to the top of our license.” – Joanne Petersen


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