In this episode we are joined by Dennie Hycha, the President of CARNA and board director of the Canadian Nurses Association. Dennie shares the changes she’s experienced in nursing from the days of memorizing recipe boxes full of med cards to current advances in nursing technology like augmented intelligence.


Episode Highlights 


In this episode we discuss:

    • The best decision she has made in her nursing career
    • Her transition into nursing leadership
    • The difference that the influence of nursing can make at a provincial and national level
    • How nurses can be on the cutting edge of sector change
    • Where nurses can provide greater leadership and voice
    • How to pair your interests to create a dynamite career
    • Ways to shift a culture, starting with yourself
    • And much more…


Key 3 Points


  1. Leadership can feel like taking a leap of faith – take it.
  2. There are so many options in your nursing career. Explore.
  3. Have courage. Nurses can change the world.  


Words Worth Sharing


“If you’re all talking about the greater good, about what we can contribute as nursing to the health picture or to community development, there will be lots for us to talk about.” Dennie Hycha on working with government.

“Put your hand up and say count me in. I’m not sure what I’m getting myself into, but I’m curious and I’m interested.” Dennie Hycha on her advice for nurses stepping into leadership roles. 

We need to have the courage to step over the edge when we don’t know where we’re going, but have the confidence that we’ll be able to get to someplace that will be supportive, productive and progressive.” Dennie Hycha

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