In this episode we are joined by Dr. Claire Betker, the current president of the Canadian Nurses Association. We talk about the many leadership roles Claire has held in her career across local, regional, provincial and national levels.

Episode Highlights


We also discuss:

  • How opportunities for advancement can come unexpectedly
  • What mentorship has looked like in her career
  • The value of being involved in professional associations
  • How to gain leadership experience outside of nursing (which can then benefit your nursing career)
  • Her hopes for the Canadian Nursing Association
  • How to claim our voice and the title of leader
  • Ways that nurses can be allies to communities in need
  • And much more…

Key 3 Points

1. When someone taps you on the shoulder, step up.
2. Your best mentor might not be who you report to, so proactively search for the right mentor.
3. Be a lifelong learner.


Words Worth Sharing


“If you see someone with the kind of attributes or characteristics of leadership that’s required in your team, tap them on the shoulder, whether it’s your peer or someone else higher in the organization.” Dr. Claire Betker on succession planning.


“One of my friends says nurses are the solution and they bring the solutions.” Dr. Claire Betker on the state of nursing.


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