In this inaugural episode, we are joined by Barb Shellian RN, MN, a powerhouse in nurse leadership. We talk about Barb’s views on many aspects of nursing, and we even talk a little bit about farmers and cowboys!


Episode Highlights 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Reflections on 45 years of nursing
  • How nurses can show leadership in any position
  • Her four pillars of leadership
  • The top resources she recommends
  • The biggest challenge facing nurses today
  • How we can support new graduates
  • Ways for nurses to expand their influence and advocacy
  • And so much more…


Key 3 Points

  1. Self-reflection is critical to leadership. 
  2. Connect with unbelievable mentors who have the characteristics you want to understand.
  3. If you want change, prepare yourself accordingly.


Words Worth Sharing

“The people that you’re caring for, the families and the patients, see you as a leader because you have the knowledge and the skills that they’re depending on.” Barb Shellian

“You have to prepared and school yourself in what it takes to be a good leader.” Barb Shelllian

“Be prepared. Be resilient. Be relentless. Be yourself.” Barb Shellian


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