Applying Love Led Leadership In The Workplace with Sheena Howard (Part 2)

Two weeks ago we were joined by Sheena Howard, RN, and she shared her incredible career journey as well as introducing us to the principles of love led leadership. This episode picks up right where we left off, so if you haven’t listened to it then I’d go check it out right now.

In Part 2 of our conversation, we dive into how you apply love led leadership whether you are a formal or an informal leader (hint – you can apply it anywhere and everywhere). We talk about how when you do implement love led leadership you support your teams, you decrease burnout and you increase joy. Given how burnt out our profession is, these are incredible outcomes.

Listen right until then end, as Sheena shares the two experiences in her career that have meant the most to her and they are powerful beyond words.

Episode Highlights

We start by discussing the four step process to becoming a love led leader and go on to discuss:

  • The value of sharing personal experiences as a leader
  • The movement love led leadership hopes to inspire
  • The ripple effects of burnout
  • Resiliency in leadership and managing challenges
  • And more!


Key Points

1. Do something that has NOTHING to do with nursing.

2. Expand your territory – learn new skills, meet new people and stay curious.

3. Take risks. Step out of your comfort zone, then write about it as a means of processing what worked or what could be improved.




“If you’re interested in a formal leadership position, just try it! Seek out opportunities whether they be volunteer or formal to engage. You can learn very quickly how to effect policy, talk to media, and skills which will help you in applying for formal roles.”

—Sheena Howard


“Maybe your leadership is done at the bedside and that is just as valid as any formal position.”

—Sheena Howard


“Taking that risk, when you get to the other side it was never as hard as you thought it would be.”

—Sheena Howard

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