Supporting and Encouraging Nurse Leaders with Amy Deagle

This week on the podcast is super special because INNL founder, Amy Deagle, is in the hot seat! Former guest and nurse leader, Joanne Petersen, switched into the interviewer seat to ask Amy how she got into nursing, challenges she sees in the sector and where she hopes INNL will go.

Episode Highlights

We start by talking about how Amy and her sister played labour and delivery nurses as children and go on to discuss:

  • The origins of Amy’s passion for nursing
  • The vision for INNL and how she wants to support nurse leaders
  • Fighting the nursing brain vs. embracing the power of it
  • Advice for nurses who are struggling to find their fit
  • Transformational experiences in her career
  • Everyday leadership during every nursing interaction
  • Amy’s pillars for nursing

Key Points

  •   Be intentional on how you’re showing up. Make sure you put your best foot forward.
  • Try 20 seconds of insane courage – it could just change your life.
  • Be generous – you don’t know how your actions will impact someone else.

Shareable Quotes

“I had been fighting my nursing intuition for so long, because I’d been told it was wrong and bad. But it was in that situation that I thought I can’t step out of my nursing brain. This is who I am and I needed to learn to trust it.”

—Amy Deagle on following your gut


“There are people out there that want to see you succeed, you just have to find them.”

—Amy Deagle

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