Nurses Make The Best Disruptors with Catherine Burger

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Catherine Burger, RN, BS, MSOL is a board-certified nurse executive with nearly 30 years of experience in numerous patient care and leadership specialties. Upon completion of her ADN from Pacific Union College, Catherine worked in various nursing roles until her career evolved to nursing leadership for a large HMO in Northern California. She completed a BSN degree at the University of Phoenix and a Masters in Organizational Leadership at Colorado State University. Catherine served as a Clinical Practice Consultant and Nursing Informatics Consultant before leaving executive nursing to start her own business as a freelance writer and founder of the

In her free time, Catherine enjoys spending time with her husband, five children, and raising service puppies for Canine Companions for Independence.


Episode Highlights


We start by talking about her self-described jungle-gym career journey instead of the typical career ladder. We go on to discuss:

  • Her experience of early career coaching
  • The “what do I do when…” challenge
  • The non-traditional paths that nurses can explore
  • Highlighting our voices and trust-factor


Key 3 Points

1. The people who do the work have the answers.
2. Set the tone. Help guide the next decade of healthcare. Expect a seat at the table.



“Nurses are ubiquitous. We can be in our community, we can start grants, we can start non-profits to meet a need. There really are no limits. Being a nurse, people automatically trust you, so you can challenge the status quo a little more.”
—Catherine Burger

“We should expect and ask for a seat at the table.”
—Catherine Burger

“Be the mentor that you always needed when you started in nursing. Offer yourself.”
—Catherine Burger



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