Nurse Entrepreneurship, Influence and Advocacy with Dr Sharrica Miller

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Today we are so pleased to be joined by Dr Sharrica Miller. Dr Miller joined us on the inaugural Not “Just” a Nurse Day in 2019 to talk about how nurses are not only at the bedside, but all the areas that nurses can move into. It was such a powerful talk and I was honoured to be joined by Dr Miller on the podcast.

Sharrica Miller is a doctorally prepared, board certified pediatric nurse practitioner with over 14-years of experience in nursing and nursing education. After graduating from Howard University with her BSN in 2005, Dr. Miller worked bedside in multiple areas including pediatrics, med-surg, and critical care for five years before going back to school to obtain her master’s degree. She graduated with her PhD from UCLA in 2017 and was named as one of five Johnson and Johnson’s Minority Nurse Faculty Scholars two years in a row. She has been teaching pre-licensure students for eight years and during that time also worked in a variety of settings including home health, hospital-based education, public health, and palliative care.


Episode Highlights


We start by talking about her career trajectory and go on to discuss:

  • Starter Nurse Academy
  • Getting out into community for leadership opportunity
  • Foster work advocacy
  • Go-to resources for nurse leaders
  • Changing the way we view transition-to-practice
  • How to expand our reach and influence as nurses

Key Points

1. Increase your exposure to all the things nurses can do.
2. Advocate for the causes you’re passionate about. Get involved.



“When you have a lack of representation it doesn’t necessarily encourage others who are coming up through the pipeline to continue and get their PhD.”
—Dr Sharrica Miller


“Nurses need to come out of their shells and not be so afraid. Nursing is quite conservative where we just kind of keep our head low and we don’t like to fight too much, and I think that needs to change.”
—Dr Sharrica Miller


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