“I Am Just A Nurse”


Not Just A Nurse Day is a free online summit + giveaway anchored by one simple idea:

Nurses have the power to change the world, but first we must shift our thinking from “just a nurse” mentality. We must grow to understand that we are powerful agents for a global movement of change.

It’s also a rally cry. Here’s why…

The phrase “just a nurse” has broken our profession, but the good news is, there’s really no such thing as “just” a nurse. 

“We need to stop believing we are “just a nurse”; nurses hold great power. Our voices deserve to be heard. We can, and must, rise together to fix our broken healthcare system. If nurses banded together, with one voice and one mission of creating change, we would be unstoppable.”
– Amy Deagle, Founder & CEO, The International Network of Nurse Leaders

Has a nurse had a positive impact on your life at any point in time?

If so, I’d love to hear your story! We’re looking for submissions to our “Thank a Nurse & Share Your Nurse Impact Story” feature that will accompany the International Network of Nurse Leaders ‘Not “Just” a Nurse’ Day

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Not Just a Nurse Day is October 17th, 2019


How does it work?


As a participant, you will enjoy a collection of innovative, thought provoking presentations and candid conversations with the industry’s foremost Nurse Leaders that will elevate your idea of what is possible within the industry.

On October 17th, nurses around the globe will be reminded that being a nurse is an honour, that anyone can design their own unique nursing career, and use their voice to help empower the profession.

This special day will activate conversations, cultivate connections and curate community that inspire you to consider what is possible for you that you had never considered before!

And— if you’ve ever felt like “just” a nurse, you’ll find yourself reconnecting to why you decided to become a nurse in the first place, renewing your pride and commitment to your chosen profession.

Every nurse has the potential to be a leader; whether that is in a formal or informal leadership role. Nurses are leaders of their units, in their organizations and in their communities.

This is for you if… 

…you feel called to step-up in the industry — but aren’t sure where to start.

This is for you if…

…you feel frustrated with your current nursing role — but can’t imagine leaving the profession.

This is for you if…

…you hesitate to put your big ideas out there — but you’ve been cautioned about being too vocal, or ambitious.

It’s time for us to lead our profession into the future, stronger and healthier than ever before.

Join Us for “Not Just A Nurse” Day Free Online Event!

Not Just A Nurse Day online soiree + giveaway is free.

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Not ‘Just’ A Nurse

Amy Deagle MScN BN RN

Twitter @inNurseLeaders

I believe in the power of nurses to change the world but first we need to shift our thinking from the “just a nurse” mentality and understand that, even through the simplest acts of care and service, we can be agents of change.

Our opinion, our expertise, our work matters, and it is up to us to honour our value. In this session we will explore why we need to lose the “just a nurse” mentality, how we can create moments of impact every day and why nurses are in a perfect position to create movements of change through everyday leadership.

Amy Deagle is the founder of the International Network of Nurse Leaders. As a Master’s prepared Registered Nurse with a passion for leadership, Amy discovered the nursing profession creates unique opportunities to practice leadership every day. From the bedside to the boardroom, she believes every nurse is a leader but only good leadership creates positive change. Through the Shift Change Podcast and NurseLeaders.ca membership, Amy is on a mission to lead the profession into the future — stronger and healthier than ever before.

Words Matter

Joanne Petersen RN

Twitter @JOP691

Have you ever thoughtfully considered the terminology we use within the nursing profession and the connotations associated with those words? Join Joanne as she shares her insights from engaging with #nurseswhotweet & refocus your attention on professional lingo that’s got to go! 

Joanne has been a point of care RN for 30 years. A Kelsey Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences Diploma Nursing graduate. She is the immediate Past President of the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association where she has served the past four years completing her term. Joanne is passionate about professionalism in nursing and promoting interprofessional collaboration within the profession of nursing.

Self-Care CPR

Janessa Rauch, RN, BScN

Twitter @JanessaRauch

As nurses we are known for our ability to take care of a million different things all at once. We are amazing at making sure that our patients, families, and everyone else is cared for every single minute of the day, but often not so amazing at remembering to take care of ourselves. In “Self-Care CPR” we will breathe new life into how we take care of ourselves by exploring 6 domains of self-care and start to identify how taking care of ourselves first can set us up for success in both our personal and professional lives. 

Janessa Rauch, RN, BScN works with healthcare professionals who are experiencing professional and/or personal burnout by re-introducing them to self-care. Through her own experiences she has learned much about the art of self-care which resulted in an online course titled “Self-Care CPR”.  She also works as a Nurse Coach with clients who have been diagnosed with a lifestyle related chronic illness. As a Nurse Coach she is afforded the ability to spend time co-creating a lifestyle that meet the needs and goals of her clients, and for this she is grateful.

Love-Led Leadership

Sheena Howard RN, BScN, MA – Health Leadership

Twitter @SheenaLGHoward 

Love-led leadership is the core of nursing and medicine and yet so many of us shy away from embracing love as the place from which we lead at the bedside and in the boardrooms of healthcare organizations. As we must proudly embrace our power as a nurse, love-led leaders must be unashamed in proclaiming love-led leadership as the lens from which they lead. In this session you will discover the answers to the following questions:

  •     What is love-led leadership?
  •     What are the 6 characteristics of love-led leadership?
  •     How are you already showing up as a love-led leader?
  •     How might you show up differently as a love-led leader?
  •     Why is it important to adopt love-led leadership personally and       professionally?
  •     How can I value my impact as a love-led leader in my nursing practice?

Sheena Howard has been described as an authentic, passionate and inspiring nurse leader who has a unique ability to create spontaneous community in any situation and effortlessly promote connection between diverse people. Sheena believes that love is an essential part of nursing and medical practice at the bedside and in the boardrooms of healthcare organizations.  Sheena was the first to develop the definition and characteristics of love-led leadership and she is excited to share how love-led leadership can inspire positive change for people personally and professionally.

Harnessing the Global Power of Nurses Collective Voice

Jeni Watts RN

Twitter @jenidubs

This session demonstrates that when nurses join together they can change the world. It tells stories of nurses who have used their collective voice to influence change for patients, workers and society. It will explore the importance of nurses joining and creating global alliances to harness their collective power for good.

Jeni Watts has been a Registered Nurse in the UK for over 20 years, she has qualifications as an Adult Nurse, Children’s Nurse and a Health Visitor.  Jeni has also spent 10 years working for her Professional Organisation and Trade Union the Royal College of Nursing (RCN). Jeni is currently using her nursing skills in a role engaging patients and staff in the planning and delivery of care. Jeni is also an activist for the RCN and one of the coordinators of campaign group “We Are Global Nurses” lobbying for the UK to be part of the International Council of Nurses.

Beyond the Bedside 

Sharrica Miller, PhD, RN 

Twitter @docmillernursecoach 

Now embarking on an entrepreneurial role as a nurse career coach and curriculum developer, the self-dubbed Side Hustle Queen is passionate about helping experienced nurses prevent burnout by transitioning out away from the bedside. Join us for a lively discussion that centers on how nurses can find a side hustle they love and turn their passion into a paycheck! 

Sharrica Miller is a doctorally prepared, board certified pediatric nurse practitioner with over 14-years of experience in nursing and nursing education. After graduating from Howard University with her BSN in 2005, Dr. Miller worked bedside in multiple areas including pediatrics, med-surg, and critical care for five years before going back to school to obtain her master’s degree. She graduated with her PhD from UCLA in 2017 and was named as one of five Johnson and Johnson’s Minority Nurse Faculty Scholars two years in a row. She has been teaching pre-licensure students for eight years and during that time also worked in a variety of settings includes home health, hospital-based education, public health, and palliative care.

Amplify the Voice of Nursing Through Social Media

Robin Cogan, MEd, RN, NCSN

Twitter @RobinCogan

Join Robin Cogan, a school nurse activist, who will share the power of social media to amplify the voice of nursing. Robin writes a weekly blog called The Relentless School Nurse where she explores many of today’s most pressing topics including gun violence prevention, immigration, climate justice and other social determinants of health. Robin’s presentation will take a deep dive into how she has created an international network of colleagues through the use of Twitter and other social media platforms to amplify the voice of nursing in sectors outside of typical nursing venues. 

Robin is a Nationally Certified School Nurse (NCSN), currently in her 19th year as a New Jersey school nurse in the Camden City School District. She serves on several national boards including The American Foundation for Firearm Injury Reduction in Medicine (AFFIRM), a gun violence prevention research non-profit organization and the National Board of Certification for School Nurses (NBCSN). Robin is the Legislative Chair for the New Jersey State School Nurses Association (NJSSNA). She is proud to be a Johnson & Johnson School Health Leadership Fellow and past Program Mentor. Robin writes a weekly blog called The Relentless School Nurse.

Nurses as Innovators

Charlene Platon, MS, RN, FNP-BC

Twitter @CharlenePlaton

There’s never been a better time for nurses to lead innovation in healthcare. As the largest segment of America’s healthcare workforce, nurses are in the unique position to innovate every single day – and they do! Following Florence Nightingale’s example, we as nurses must use our voices and our ideas to challenge the status quo and improve the healthcare experience for patients and staff. In this session, we will discuss the rising momentum of nurse-led innovation, and how we nurses can see ourselves as true healthcare innovators, and not “just” a nurse.

Charlene is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner with a Master of Science in Nursing Science from the University of California, Irvine. In 2016 she joined Stanford Health Care (SHC) as a Manager of Advanced Practice with a primary role of leading process and quality improvement initiatives to optimize practice for advanced practice providers (APPs). Her recent work has focused on building SHC’s first-ever APP Administrative Fellowship to mentor expert clinicians as future healthcare leaders. Passionate about healthcare technology, Charlene’s other projects include developing electronic medical record workflows to accurately measure APP contributions. Charlene supports inpatient APPs practicing in surgical areas, including reconstructive and orthopedic surgeries. As a manager, Charlene’s main objective is to improve the work environment for APPs and increase provider engagement.

Emerging Leaders Roundtable 

Sarah Walji 

RN | BScN | MSc Global Health (Panel Moderator)

Twitter @SarahWalji

Sarah Walji is a Canadian Registered Nurse presently working within an acute mental health within Ontario while simultaneously completing her masters degree in global health specifically, focusing upon child brides and mental health. She is also presently running as a NDP MP candidate in this year’s federal election. Sarah currently represents young nurses internationally as a board member with the global campaign, Nursing Now. She has been involved within student organizations such as the Global Association of Student and Novice Nurses (GASNN) as well as the Canadian Nursing Students’ Association (CNSA). She has presented to global audiences in Qatar, Singapore, the UK, the States etc. As well as engaged within her local community as a mental health educator. Sarah has also participated in global healthcare service delivery in South America and the Middle East. Her interests include global health, governance, advocacy, youth and education.

Bryce Boynton (panelist)

RN MN (student)

Bryce Boynton is a registered nurse from Regina, Saskatchewan who graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2017. During his undergraduate education he participated in a variety of nursing organizations from the local student union to becoming President of the Canadian Nursing Students’ Association and a board member of the Canadian Nurses’ Association. Following his undergraduate education, Bryce became employed as a public health nurse in a rural community in Northern Saskatchewan. Between his interest in public health and the experience he gained through a variety of leadership positions, Bryce saw an opportunity for health promotion on a grander scale, through the development of healthy public policy with a nursing lens. Currently, Bryce resides in Calgary, Alberta where he is in the second year of his Masters Degree at the University of Calgary with a focus in advanced health policy and systems leadership. His graduate work revolves around resolution of health and social inequities through the utilization of a Health in All Policy approach.

Lauren Davis (panelist)


Lauren is a newly qualified Learning Disabilities Nurse from the UK. She is currently in the process of moving to Plymouth, where she will commence her first post as a Complex Care Community Nurse within the multi-disciplinary learning disabilities team. During Lauren’s time as a Learning Disabilities Nursing student she has undertaken a huge array of opportunities and sort mentorship from inspirational nurses. A few examples include becoming an NHS Ambassador after being invited to attend a focus group to Transform the Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery. Another is being asked to give a presentation at the 100 Year Celebratory Conference of LD Nursing to 200+ nurses and health care professionals about the potential role of a learning disabilities nurse over the next 100 years. Prior to becoming a nurse, Lauren was a SEN teacher for children and young people with complex emotional and physical health needs.

Martha Paynter (panelist)

RN PhD(c)

Martha Paynter is a nurse providing abortion and postpartum care in Nova Scotia. She is a doctoral candidate in Nursing at Dalhousie University, where she lectures on topics including women’s health, community health and population health. She is a Trudeau Scholar, Killam Laureate, and recipient of doctoral scholarships from CIHR, Canadian Nurse Foundation, and the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation. She is the founder and chair of Women’s Wellness Within, a non-profit organization that advocates for reproductive justice for prisoners.

Miriam Ndanu Muema (panelist)


Miriam completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and midwifery and after successfully finishing her clinical placements, she graduated in the year 2016. Miriam sat for her registration exam and passed leading to her licensure to practice as a nurse and a midwife. She completed her internship in a level 5 hospital and later got a job at the Kenyatta National Hospital (largest public regional referral hospital) where Miriam practiced for a year before she proceeded for her masters in nursing (coursework and research) which she will be graduating this coming December. Miriam was excited to be part of the 23 Nursing Now campaign young nurses chosen globally this year.

Raluca Radu (panelist)


Twitter: @_Raluca_R

Raluca is a registered nurse from Vancouver, BC.  Raluca has worked as an acute care nurse in surgical, medical, ambulatory, rural, and emergency areas in both public and private settings.  She also enjoyed teaching LPN & BScN students within theory, laboratory, and clinical practice-based environments. Raluca is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Nursing at the University of British Columbia with a focus on integrating Climate Change topics into Nursing Education.  Throughout her MSN program Raluca has held numerous roles with the UBC Graduate Students in Nursing Association such as Events Director, and currently as President.  

Various activities culminated her passion for Climate Change, such as attending the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing National Forum on Vector-Borne Infectious Diseases in Ottawa or being introduced to Planetary Health through participating at the BC Coalition Institute in Victoria.  Recently, Raluca was appointed as Secretary of the Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment. Additionally, she is also a member of the Nursing Now BC Steering Committee.  Raluca is excited to complete her MSN and looks forward to pursuing work in local and global health policy contexts.  Raluca believes the only way forward is for nurses to come together in unity as their expertise is not only highly valued and trusted by the public, but also an imperative component of attaining the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Tony Ndung’u (panelist)


A registered nurse with a Bachelor’s degree from Kenya (East Africa), Tony has over six years of emergency nursing and research experience. He is currently working at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi in paediatric E.R. Some of Tony’s research has included looking into how trauma continues to be a major cause of morbidity and mortality, especially in the paediatric population of low and middle income countries such as Kenya. This research aimed to establish the profile and outcomes of admitted paediatric trauma cases at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi. 

Nayol Santos (panelist)


Nayol Santos is from Portugal and has 11 years of experience working in maternity services in Spain and the UK, in the roles of General Nurse, Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse and most recently as a Midwife. She currently works as a Community Midwife and Birth Centre Midwife at the Whittington Hospital – London. In November Nayol will start a new role as Midwifery Head of Choice and Personalisation for North Central London Local Maternity Services. She is very excited and equally nervous about this fantastic opportunity.

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