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Hello Nurse Managers! Can you help? We are looking for:

  • Newly appointed nurse-managers (congratulations!) who are feeling a bit overwhelmed or intimidated by this next career step, and who potentially have a nasty case of “Imposter Syndrome” setting in (symptoms include: self-doubt, anxiousness, negative self-talk, people-pleasing, avoiding difficult conversations and avoiding speaking up).
  • Nurse-managers who are a few years into their role and are feeling bogged down by the day to day manager tasks, frustrated and burnt-out by the endless meeting schedule, and are wondering how their role has seemingly become about putting-out fires instead of making actual improvements to their places of work… “manager-itis” is a bad strain this year (symptoms include: reactionary decision making, loneliness, decision fatigue, exhaustion, dreading interactions with staff, constantly feeling on-edge waiting for the other shoe to drop, the ability to sleep with your eyes open during meetings).
  • Nurse-managers in rural areas who are tired of feeling like they are solo in their organization with no peer group for support or brainstorming, feeling the pressure from direct reports who used to be colleagues/friends and are trying to balance the new relationship dynamics, struggling to stay connected to the profession they once loved. Perhaps you have a case of “Lone Manager Syndrome” setting in… (symptoms include: loneliness, isolation from team events, change in social group outside work, feeling like the outsider, anxiety, feeling burnt out and exhausted from juggling all the day to day responsibilities, craving interaction and intellectual stimulation, feeling alone and unsupported)

If you identify yourself in one of those areas, we would love to talk with you!

We know that being a nurse manager is a tough role but we also know that nurse managers are the glue of an organization. You have an incredible opportunity to create change in your organization … but that can seem pretty overwhelming when you’re burning out just trying to accomplish your day-to-day tasks. We get it. In a 2014 study* researchers found that 72% of nurse managers were planning to leave their role in the next 3-5 years, with burn-out being the #1 cited cause. (Nurs Econ. 2014 Jan-Feb; 32(1): 32–39)

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always had.

It’s time for a new approach. It’s time to connect and find the support you’ve been missing. It’s time to re-energize yourself with connections to uplifting, supportive and inspiring mentors and peers.

It’s time for you to join the International Network of Nurse Leaders Mastermind.

What is a Mastermind?

A mastermind is a community of people gathered together under a common mission or goal. The International Network of Nurse Leaders Mastermind is a carefully curated group of 6 nurse-managers with similar positions but from different organizations, communities, and countries. Together we will find innovative solutions to common problems, create a community of support that is so badly lacking in the nurse-manager world, and develop our individual leadership and management skills.

Here’s what you can expect from our Mastermind Groups:

  • A private community for connection and support
  • Mastermind calls (“hot-seat” style – where you get all the attention from the group to brainstorm, solve or give support around your most pressing concern as a leader)
  • Leadership Book Club: Recommended readings and facilitated discussions to foster your growth as a leader)
  • Accountability buddy for ongoing support
  • Mastermind Roundtable follow-up for accountability and support
  • *BONUS* 6 Training Calls to increase your leadership skills and knowledge. Value: $297, for a limited time with your membership.

Join Your Mastermind Group


Join Your Mastermind Group


Our Mastermind Member Application Process

As we are carefully selecting members to ensure the success of each group, we want to ensure a mutually beneficially collaboration and therefore want to have a conversation about your needs and desired outcomes for the mastermind. We are offering 3 and 6 month Mastermind Tracks based on your schedule and preference, which we will discuss further on a phone call following an approved application form. As this Mastermind is in our initial launch stage, we are offering an incredibly affordable rate of $150/month for the first 3 groups (6 members/group). Once the initial Mastermind groups have been filled, prices will be increasing to $250/month.

Questions About the Mastermind Group:

“I like the sound of this mastermind group, I really do. I’m worried though about trying to fit it into my day – no two are ever alike! How can I participate when my schedule doesn’t allow for guaranteed attendance?”

We get it. We truly do. We’re nurses too, remember? Ideally, attendance would be mandatory but we are aware of the unique challenges facing nursing; be it shift work, the actual life or death urgent situations that come up (regularly), or being spread too thin already. We’ve structured this mastermind group a bit differently to accommodate those concerns. We still ask that you try and be on the live calls as often as you can, but there will be a way to still participate and be an active member of the group if you can’t. We have set up our mastermind to accommodate nurses schedules and busy lives ~ we can chat more about your concerns on the intake phone call to ensure our solution will work for you!

“I manage many nurses, some of whom may be also applying for this program. How do I participate with full transparency knowing that I may be in a group with a direct report?”

Great question. We have also considered how things could affect the functioning of the groups, and we’ve come up with a few solutions. 1) All participants are screened ahead of time and placed in groups with a variety of people from differing backgrounds and locations, 2) we have each member sign a confidentiality agreement and abide by a strict privacy policy, 3) you have full control over what issue you choose to discuss and how much detail you need to provide and 4) we also offer 1:1 coaching for issues that you don’t feel comfortable addressing with the group.

“Why should I pay to participate in something like this? I could just create my own or find a free group somewhere…”

You absolutely could! And if this program doesn’t feel like the right fit for you, we still highly encourage you to try and find your tribe. What we’ve created here is a specific group of high achievers, motivated leaders and nurses with aspirations of making a difference. We know that you get out what you put in and by investing in yourself and your career, we hope you come out the other side of this program a stronger, more confident leader with an incredible network of like-minded nurses to support you along your leadership journey.

“I’m not an 'official' leader, I’m just a nurse. Yet, I feel called to this group. Will I be out of my element?”

First things first, there is no such thing as “just a nurse”; in fact, our founder & CEO created an entire keynote speech around this very topic. You are a nurse. That in and of itself is a powerful thing. We believe that ALL nurses have the opportunity to be leaders, regardless of whether you have an official leadership title or not. Leaders are found at every level in our profession, and whether you have aspirations of a career in leadership or not, this mastermind will help you identify, sharpen and maximize your leadership skills. Plus, being “out of your element” is where all the growth happens.

“Ok, I’ve decided to make this investment in myself and my career. What’s next?”

Wonderful! We love it when you commit to taking yourself to the next level. In an effort to keep these groups laser focused, extremely valuable and intensely confidential, we limit the group to 8 nurses. So your next step would be filling out an application form here. Once we review your application, all successful applicants are sent an email to schedule an intake call with our founder & CEO, Amy Deagle. On that call, if you both decide this is the right fit for you, you will pay a deposit to hold your spot and from there you will get an email with all the instructions, details and timelines.
More questions? Email and we’ll be happy to answer!

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