Have you ever said to yourself …

“Ugh! Why don’t they ever ask us nurses before creating and implementing these stupid policies?!”

“Short-staffed again?! Seriously, how am I supposed to provide good patient care when I have 15 patients? I know Cindy wanted an extra shift, they just didn’t want to pay overtime…” 

“Why don’t they ever ask for our nursing input? There are at least 15 little changes we could make that would save time and money but it’s like no one wants to hear from us … or change the “status-quo…”

“I tried to talk to the manager about staffing ratios, but honestly I think they care more about their budget than the patients and my own safety or well-being.”

You are NOT alone.

It’s not a secret. Nurses are burning out faster than ever and leaving the profession in droves. Enrolment is down in many nursing programs and countries worldwide will be facing critical staffing shortages in the near future.

We get it. You’re a dedicated and loyal nurse. Being a nurse is a source of pride, part of your identity, your legacy. But, something needs to change.

You are burning out.

You are frustrated by lack of respect from patients and administration. Tired of being asked to simply “do more with less”.

Fed up with never being asked to participate in changes that directly impact you and the care you provide.

Violence towards nurses, unsafe patient/nurse ratios and unrealistic work demands are the current reality facing nurses everyday.

You KNOW there is a better way. If only someone would listen.

I cannot stress this enough. If you want changes to be made to the current state of the nursing profession, we must RISE UP as ONE VOICE and MAKE THOSE CHANGES HAPPEN ourselves.

STOP WAITING FOR PERMISSION. It’s not coming. The time to act is NOW. TOGETHER.

Sooner or later every nurse will come to the same realization…

“I can’t keep doing it this way and I can’t make the changes happen alone”.


I know this because I’ve been where you are. I’ve been frustrated and angry and looking for a way out of the profession. But I was also conflicted. I LOVE being a nurse. That is who I am. I have nursing in my blood; and the desire to make it better. To stay and fight for the profession I love.

Because, here’s the scary part –

NO ONE is going to make nurses a priority until we, as a profession, demand it.

And that is exactly why I felt called to create the International Network of Nurse Leaders, and more specifically, the mastermind communities.

 We need nurses at every level in their organizations and stages of their careers to rise up and LEAD.

Lead with their actions.

Lead with their voices.

Lead for change.


We’re here to help.

Leadership is not reserved only for those with an official title.

Nurses, from the bedside to the boardroom, are the caring, empathetic and powerful leaders the world needs.

Join us today and find comfort in knowing …

You’re not alone

You CAN make a difference

We’re going to do it together


Here’s what you can expect from our mastermind groups:

A private community for connection and support

Mastermind calls (hot-seat spots – where you get all the attention from the group to brainstorm, solve or give support around your most pressing concern as a leader)

Leadership Book Club (recommended readings and facilitated discussions to foster your growth as a leader)

Accountability buddy for on-going support

Mastermind Roundtable follow-up for accountability and support

6 Training Calls to increase your leadership skills and knowledge

Training Call Topics:

Training #1: Effective Leadership and Knowing One’s Self

Training #2: Leading and Motivating Teams

Training #3: Emotional Intelligence

Training #4: Leading through Coaching

Training #5: Culture & Organizations: Creating and Managing Change

Training #6: Conflict: Resolution, Management and Understanding


Tuition & Application Details:

The Impact & Influence Mastermind groups are capped at 8 members each and groups are available for student/new grads, staff nurses, nurse managers and nurses in business.

Due to the type of environment we wish to create, we interview all applicants prior to offering membership in the mastermind groups. On the call we will determine fit, group type and track.

We have 2 different mastermind tracks: Regular Track & Intensive Track.


The Intensive Track runs for 13 weeks, is laser focused and perfect for ambitious, high-achievers who are ready to dive into action.

In the Intensive Track you will receive access to:

A private community to hold each other accountable, help solve current challenges and share successes

6 trainings on leadership (released via email)

8 Mastermind calls via zoom

3 “open office hours” calls for check-ins, questions, accountability

Accountability buddy for increased support

10% savings on 1:1 coaching packages (available only to INNL members)

Intensive Track Investment (13 week program): $1750 + GST

AVAILABLE NOW at Founding Member rate of $1250 + GST for the first 32 members of the Intensive Mastermind 13 week program!

And yes, affordable, monthly payment plans are available!


The Regular Track runs for 6 months enabling members to work through content at a less intensive pace, while still gaining all the benefits of the learning’s and support.

In the Regular Track you will receive access to:

A private community to share successes, problem solve current challenges and support each other

1 training call per month on leadership (6 in total)

8 mastermind calls; “hot-seat” style (members rotate through) via zoom

1 “open office hours” call per month for check-ins, questions (6 total)

10% savings on 1:1 coaching packages (available ONLY to INNL members)

Regular Track Investment (6 month program): $2450 + GST

AVAILABLE NOW at Founding Member rate of $1750 + GST for the first 32 members of the Regular Track 6 month program!

And yes, affordable, monthly payment plans are available!

We will discuss which track is right for you on our call together.


What Happens Next:

  • If you are interested, please take a moment to apply.
  • Upon successful review of your application, we will set up a call to ensure this is the right fit for you and for us (please allow 24-48 hrs for review of your application)
  • During the phone call we will ensure which group type and track is best suited to you and discuss payment options. Please note, a deposit of $250 will be required to reserve your spot
  • Once your deposit is made, you will receive all the program details.

*Please note: this is an active commitment, not a monthly membership subscription. You are responsible for the full tuition.



Mastermind FAQ’s


“I like the sound of this mastermind group, I really do. I’m worried though about trying to fit it into my day – no two are ever alike! How can I participate when my schedule doesn’t allow for guaranteed attendance?”

We get it. We truly do. We’re nurses too, remember? Ideally, attendance would be mandatory but we are aware of the unique challenges facing nursing; be it shift work, the actual life or death urgent situations that come up (regularly), or being spread too thin already. We’ve structured this mastermind group a bit differently to accommodate those concerns. We still ask that you try and be on the live calls as often as you can, but there will be a way to still participate and be an active member of the group if you can’t. We have set up our mastermind to accommodate nurses schedules and busy lives ~ we can chat more about your concerns on the intake phone call to ensure our solution will work for you!


“I manage many nurses, some of whom may be also applying for this program. How do I participate with full transparency knowing that I may be in a group with a direct report?”

Great question. We have also considered how things could affect the functioning of the groups, and we’ve come up with a few solutions. 1) All participants are screened ahead of time and placed in groups with a variety of people from differing backgrounds and locations, 2) we have each member sign a confidentiality agreement and abide by a strict privacy policy, 3) you have full control over what issue you choose to discuss and how much detail you need to provide and 4) we also offer 1:1 coaching for issues that you don’t feel comfortable addressing with the group.


“Why should I pay to participate in something like this? I could just create my own or find some free ones somewhere…”

You absolutely could! And if this program doesn’t feel like the right fit for you, we still highly encourage you to try and find your tribe.

What we’ve created here is a specific group of high achievers, motivated leaders and nurses with aspirations of making a difference. We know that you get out what you put in and by investing in yourself and your career, we hope you come out the other side of this program a stronger, more confident leader with an incredible network of like-minded nurses to support you along your leadership journey


“I’m not an “official” leader, I’m just a nurse. Yet, I feel called to this group. Will I be out of my element?”

First things first, there is no such thing as “just a nurse”; in fact, our founder & CEO created an entire keynote speech around this very topic. You are a nurse. That in and of itself is a powerful thing. We believe that ALL nurses have the opportunity to be leaders, regardless of whether you have an official leadership title or not. Leaders are found at every level in our profession, and whether you have aspirations of a career in leadership or not, this mastermind will help you identify, sharpen and maximize your leadership skills. Plus, being “out of your element” is where all the growth happens.


“Ok, I’ve decided to make this investment in myself and my career. What’s next?”

Wonderful! We love it when you commit to taking yourself to the next level. In an effort to keep these groups laser focused, extremely valuable and intensely confidential, we limit the group to 8 nurses. So your next step would be filling out an application form here. Once we review your application, all successful applicants are sent an email to schedule an intake call with our founder & CEO, Amy Deagle. On that call, if you both decide this is the right fit for you, you will pay a deposit to hold your spot and from there you will get an email with all the instructions, details and timelines.

More questions? Email mastermind@nurseleaders.ca and we’ll be happy to answer!