Love-Led Leadership in the Time of COVID-19 with Sheena Howard

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Today we are joined by a previous podcast guest, Sheena Howard. In these incredibly uncertain times, empathy and compassion are more important than ever. Figuring out how we bring that to the foreground when we’re physically distancing, covered in PPE that guards our face and our smiles, Sheena is the perfect person to share how we can continue to be love-led leaders.

Sheena Howard is a full-scope primary care registered nurse who was born and raised in Ontario. She graduated from Queen’s University School of Nursing in 2003 and began her career in Northern BC on an isolated island as a public health and primary care advanced practice nurse. Through a social justice lens, she worked alongside the community consisting of indigenous and non-indigenous people, to improve access to community healthcare, notably creating the first free birth control and prenatal group clinics, a model for prenatal patients in rural BC.


Episode Highlights

We start by talking about how nurses can show up love-led in all areas of our lives and go on to discuss:

  • Advocacy as a form of love and empathy
  • Why you won’t get more burnt out with a love-led approach
  • Wrestling with nursing guilt
  • Embedding empathy and love-led leadership post-COVID


“When we are post-COVID don’t let it go back to the way things were. We need to advance and evolve and push things forward.”
—Amy Deagle


“If we’re emotionally void, our patients are emotionally void. When I choose to engage [as a love-led leader] I can’t help but feel better. And I see the reaction in my patients. We feel more engaged, more joy, even in a situation like COVID-19.”
—Sheena Howard


“Examine what you have no control over and what you do have control or influence over. You have control over your own thoughts, how you express your mood or energy, and you can also influence others actions. We can do this by asking questions instead of offering solutions.”
—Sheena Howard

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