Innovation in Nursing Leadership with Dan Weberg

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Dan Weberg is an expert in nursing, healthcare innovation and human-centered patient design with an extensive clinical experience in emergency departments, acute-care inpatient hospital settings, and academia. He currently serves as the head of Clinical Innovation for Trusted Health, the staffing platform for the healthcare industry, where he helps drive product strategy and works to change the conversation around innovation in the healthcare workforce. 

Prior to joining Trusted Health, Dan spent seven years at Kaiser Permanente where he held executive roles in nursing innovation, research and technology strategy across eight regions, thirty-eight hospitals and sixty-thousand nurses. He was also part of the founding faculty for the new Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine. Dan is on the faculty at the Ohio University College of Nursing and multiple innovation fellowship programs. He previously taught on nursing innovation and leadership at Arizona State University, he’s on the editorial board for the Nursing Administration Quarterly and has authored two dozen peer reviewed articles and two textbooks including Evidence- Based Innovation Leadership for Health Professions and Leadership in Nursing Practice.

Episode Highlights


We start by talking about how Dan discovered his desire to move into nursing while sitting in an economics class and go on to discuss:

  • Finding your fit as a nurse
  • A systems-approach to solving challenges in nursing
  • Evolving the nursing scope of practice
  • How to attract more nurses into the sector
  • How to be a positive deviant and own it


Key Points


1. We cannot allow bullying. Toxic leadership affects both staff and patients. 

2. Make nursing attractive again. Allow for flexibility, new pathways and pivoting. 

3. Challenge the process. Everything is negotiable.




“Taking opportunities to do charge nursing or leading an information session around new products/skills are great ways to step up and start influencing people. Over time this builds into formal leadership.” 

—Dan Weberg


“Toxic leadership is as impactful to patients and our profession as falls, pressure ulcers and all those quality initiatives that we have. We need to treat it with the same rigor.” 

—Dan Weberg


“Nurses are at the center of and are the coordinators of everything that happens in the healthcare arena, so we’re positioned in a way to influence almost every part of the system. We need to step up and be more influential.”

—Dan Weberg

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