Getting the Most From Your Team with Matt Daley

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Matt Daley is currently the Practice Development Nurse for career progression and the Surrey & Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust before recently joining the Nursing Now team as the Health Education England John Burdett Fellow. He’s also the Nightingale Challenge Fellow. After 23 years serving with the Royal Navy in various roles around the world on land and sea, his career as a Registered Nurse has led him into the NHS from the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service through ward and intensive care nursing, innovative programs and then into educational roles. 

His passion of motivating, developing leadership ability, and guiding the career progression in new and experienced nurses is met through teaching, coaching, developmental mentoring, and inspiring nurses to meet the challenges and demands of nursing and teamwork in the modern nursing environment.


Episode Highlights

We begin talking about Matt’s fascinating journey to becoming a nurse, beginning his studies at 32. We go on to discuss:

  • Nursing Now 2020 and the Nightingale Challenge
  • How anyone can get involved in leadership
  • Advice for nurse managers to get the most from their teams
  • Learning to step forward and up
  • Believing in your abilities and vision

Key Points

1. Step out of our silos. Share your views and expertise.

2. Be firm, kind and fair. Be a compassionate leader.

3. Create a shared vision as a team. Vision is everything.




“We’re already leading just by being patient advocates.”

—Matt Daley


“My job is to make my staff feel cared for and important so that they can do their job to make their patients feel cared for and important.”

—Amy Deagle


“If you can impact one person, think about who they will go and impact.” —Matt Daley


“It takes guts and the willingness to stand up, but when you do people will begin to follow.” —Matt Daley

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