Considering Lived Experience with Paul Wright

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Paul Wright has worked as a direct care provider in the neurosciences population for the Ottawa Hospital and the Calgary zone within Alberta Health Services, formerly the manager for the Neurological Rehabilitation Program in Calgary and is Currently the Director for Patient Safety, Clinical Quality improvement and patient and Family centred care for the Calgary zone. Paul holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Science from the University of Ottawa and a CNA certification for Neuroscience Nursing in Canada.

Paul’s focus is to create new opportunities for patients and families to be involved with health care improvements, system design and ensuring the patient and family are at the centre of all care provision. Most recently Paul s work has led him to advocating for the inclusion of family in care and the removal of formal visiting hours for all Calgary hospitals. Paul is leading the grass roots initiative to End Pj Paralysis in Alberta with the focus of getting patients up, dressed and moving for better health.


Episode Highlights


We start by talking about beginning his career at the Ottawa Hospital and go on to discuss:

  • Progressing the End PJ Paralysis movement in Alberta
  • Reverse-engineering problems
  • Creating a united voice for nurses
  • Quality improvement initiatives
  • The challenge of change-fatigue
  • Nurses eating their young and their old


Key 3 Points

  1. As a leader, you can’t treat every team member the same. Their needs are different.
  2. Be bold, be brave, but be safe. Don’t be afraid to make change.
  3. Try the lived experience of your patients in order to better serve them.



“As a leader, you really work for those around you.”
—Paul Wright


“When you look at problems step by step, they’re not so complex.”
—Paul Wright



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