Leadership & Career Coaching
for Nurses

Are you frustrated with your current nursing role?

Need to make a change but not sure how or to what?

Took the leap into a leadership or management role and are now having major doubts/anxiety?

Feeling burned out and ready to leave the profession?

…before you do that, we should talk! 

Just because your current role isn’t a fit anymore doesn’t mean that the profession isn’t!

I guarantee you that there are nursing roles that you haven’t even heard of … and some of them can be done in the smallest of towns (as a nurse who spent my career in rural I know the struggles of feeling like the only nursing role is the one you’re currently in).

My mission is to not only keep nurses in the nursing profession, but to help nurses find their right fitin nursing.

I know this seems unusual to some, especially if you are used to the “2 feet and a heartbeat” mentality that nursing staffing has taken on in recent years.

You’ve dedicated too much of yourself into this profession to just walk away…

I’m here to help you find your fit in nursing. I promise you, you can love it again.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to at least have a conversation?

The next step in your career begins right here. Today.

As nurses we have the unique ability to make a difference in someone’s life – everyday.

We meet people in their most tragic, most vulnerable, most joyous, and most life-changing moments. We become part of their story of triumph, of courage, of pain, of sorrow, of hope.

Being a nurse is an honour, it becomes part of our identity. It makes us who we are.

So what happens when you start to lose your passion, your ability to care, your compassion? What happens when you start to lose yourself?

Instead of searching for a way out in a different career or industry, we should talk.

One of the greatest gifts you could have ever given yourself was becoming a nurse.

Even if the role you’re currently in isn’t a fit anymore, there is an entire world of possibility open to you.

Maybe that looks like being a leader on your unit and helping to fix a negative and broken team culture.

Maybe it’s making a shift within nursing, trying a new department, specialization, or focus within healthcare.

Maybe it’s flirting with the idea of nurse entrepreneurship and starting a new venture.

Perhaps it’s taking the next step in your career and taking on a formal management or leadership title.

Or maybe, it’s just showing up more fully, more present, more impactful exactly where you are.

Whatever your scenario, I can help. We each have a purpose, a reason for being, an impact to make on the world; I am here to help you, make yours.

I will be your coach, your cheerleader, the tough-love type of friend when you need it, and most of all, I will be your champion as you strive to make your impact on the world.

Through our work together you can expect to: 

  • Have the confidence to go after opportunities you’ve been avoiding
  • Find the clarity of what your next step looks like and what career path your building towards
  • Use your voice for the causes you feel passionately about in a way that is clear, compelling and effective
  • Lead with purpose and passion, regardless of whether you’re in a formal leadership role or not
  • Make better, faster, more empowered decisions in your career and your life
  • Gain clarity on what’s truly important to you and why that matters in choosing the right nursing path
  • Set boundaries that will make you happier, more present and more fulfilled and on-purpose
  • Show up fully in your work and in your life, knowing you’re building your future exactly as you want it

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